Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see the folks you tag in your posts. Oh yes, Derrick, you absolutely are a solid piece of the greater puzzle. (If you only knew what I know.). Once again, you blew it and your “network” won’t be happy. A special thank you to Aaron Langbein!

Langbein, Ryan, Higgy, Turner, Walters, Carter, Shephard, Massa, Rawlings, Pack, Kutchera, Sedjo, Fried, Ferry…and more.

Derrick Czerwin



  1. I thought brokers sent people to multiple random crap places. The place he listed beds for is medicaid and only that facility. I’m confused how one would make money that way since it’s medicaid facility?

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    1. He is most likely working for multiple centers. There is an overwhelming amount of Medicaid fraud occurring, as well. Derrick has been a body broker for years. He associates with some of the dirtiest bad players out there.


    1. Mr. Fried, please don’t insult my intelligence with your silly comment. And give me a break with the “I’m confused”. Maybe you might use more discretion with the “friends” you keep.


  2. Carol I think its time you find a new hobby or something to write about I’m getting more bored with my life reading it coming from you can’t you come up with something factual not fictional lol its like a cat chasing their tail going in circles getting nowhere you claim you work a program I’m not sure why you had to screenshot my tagged “friends” they didn’t do anything to you don’t know them and they don’t know you its none of your business why they are tagged I didn’t blow anything you’ve been at me since 2018 I can go back and search for posts and blogs its repeating over and over so you know nothing because there isn’t anything to know ..I do wanna thank you for sharing my post about detox beds lol because well I’ve had people message me from Ohio and Kentucky who’s got friends and family in Ohio you that see your page lol so when they asked how they heard about the facilities listed above in your screenshots carol Terwilliger and the lions roar thanks for the free advertisement and help carol lol have a great day ❤

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    1. You’re still the same moron that you’ve always been. I shall not forget your sick and perverted harassment telephone calls. I’ve seen the very depths of your mental instability. Looks like it just might be the time to call the fraud department for Social Security.

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  3. And I’ve heard this before again lol do what you gotta do carol I’ve called you twice never once have I talked perverted to you that’s not my style I own my shit I wish I known what was said cuz I would love to hear that conversation unlike you honesty is apart of my program and I stick to it if I did or said something to you I’d own it believe that so if you wanna give me credit for something I didn’t do thats your business not mine lol

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