My dear Megan,

We knew very soon after our first meeting that God had clearly brought us together. From the beginning we knew we would always be friends. Our spirits resonated immediately. How blessed I felt that a power far greater than myself had brought you into my life.

You vigorously and lovingly supported me during the difficult and painful times with Alex. Your compassion was both clear and immense. I was able to support you during your scary hospitalization and celebrated with you when you were well enough to go home.

How honored and privileged I felt when you asked me to be your companion during your upcoming labor and delivery sometime in March. Your excitement about being a new mommy was palpable. You recently found out that your precious baby boy already weighed 5 lbs.

This past Sunday was your baby shower. You looked healthy, happy, and with a peaceful excitement, as you prepared for your baby’s soon-coming birth.

This morning the phone rang at 7:58am. It was Alex. She called to tell me that you had overdosed and passed away, along with your baby, last night.

“This can’t be so.” Surely I could message you or call and you would answer. In my mind’s eye I saw us together in those last moments. You stood at the edge of a great cliff and began to fall. I reached out as quickly as I could to grab your arm, but I wasn’t in time. I watched your hand fade into the still darkness.

Thank you, Megan, for being my dear sweet friend. I shall cherish all the moments in time that were ours. I love you now and forevermore.

You are everlastingly at peace in God’s arms, always have been and always will be, surrounded by love.

Tonight as I think of you in my mind’s eye I see you and your baby boy flying high with the angels with a joy beyond earthly understanding…..together for eternity.

In this moment I know you are also here with me. I love you my darling and I’ll see you and baby soon! Carol

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