For the past 5 years Rich Walters has been a BODY BROKER.

Rich Walters body brokered for Brian Mylett who owned Reliance and White Oak Run. Prior to accepting the position with Brian Mylett I personally warned Rich that he was about to be working with criminals. He disregarded my warning. Don’t let him ever tell you that he didn’t know what he was getting himself involved with. (See link below)

After being fired by Brian Mylett, Rich went to Treatment Alternatives. (See link below)

After Treatment Alternatives Rich went to Chris Ferry’s Boca Recovery Center. 11 months later Chris Ferry fired Rich because he had put only 12-15 heads into Chris’ beds (per Chris Ferry). Ferry spent over 100K to boost Rich’s numbers (per Chris Ferry). Rich took Colicchie with him when he left which was against a previously signed contract/agreement (per Chris Ferry).

Today Rich Walters continues working as a Body Broker and refers to multiple treatment centers that appear to be in a hub.

Did you know that Rich Walters was indicted on 35 felony counts and never served a day?

Newly ordained “minister” Rich Walters. What a way to start a marriage.
The King of Recovery
Meet a few uneducated and unaware kool-aid drinkers.


  1. How can you prove this? You can’t. It’s impossible because he DID NOT. Your narrative on him is flawed. He is a bull$hitter. He claims that he carried a “throwaway” pistol and also explosives with him at times. He was not and will never be a hardass. He was charged with around 5 felonies. Possession w/intent, malicious assault and I believe b&e. There’s a reason he didn’t do time and that’s because he had a plea bargain through drug court. He was considered a first time offender because he had no extensive criminal history. This is not hard to prove as most criminal charges or available for public record, he wishes he had 35 felonies. You’re only adding to the character he has created. Do you know what integrity means?

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