Such a rude bitter jealous person who just likes to cast stones at every recovered addict.

Well I’m not a recovered addict I’ve never been an addict, so don’t think you can speak to me like that.

I know for a fact Henry is clean and a recovered addict, he’s got 54 other addicts into recovery, we work together so I know full well what goes on in powerhouse Indiana and what goes on in my powerhouse UK family, you just carry on shouting your mouth and casting stones

I trust Henry 1000% and every word that comes out of his mouth, every word tastes good. He’s helped children at Christmas with presents, he’s helped adults & children with clothes, he helps people every single day for the last 16 months. Your just a bitter nasty old woman 👵 who hates addicts of any kind. All you do all day every day is judge people and cast stones. You are no Christian, because Christian people do not act the way you do. It’s disgusting. I bet your perfect and never made any mistakes in your life. Well let me tell you, your making one huge massive spiteful mistake and being disgusting about all addicts in addiction and addicts in recovery. Because mark my words God can see every single move you make. Who are you to judge anyone? Only God can judge, and oh man he’s going to be having an amazing judgment day for you.

You watch powerhouse family all over the world 🌎 are and will be going to places, you never ever thought possible. Henry’s name my taste so good because you just can’t help but keep speaking his name. His name sure does taste good in my mouth, the only taste your going to get is a bitter taste, that’s because you are one big bitter person.

God bless and have a good day because I know me and Henry are going to have an amazing day, every day for the rest of our lives and so will powerhouse.

Are pray for you, because your sure going to need prayers.

Amen 🙏🏻

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