1. Carol Terwilliger I believe is as ego driven and narcissistic as she claim Dru Hicks to be. Her anger driven by her guilt of her daughters situation of addiction and expecting everyone to help her. She explained to me in a messenger discussion of her wealth and how the feds love her! I find this interesting because she calls Dru Hicks a snitch, yet that seems to be exactly what she does!? Her wealth could have helped her daughter get the insurance she needed to get into one of these corporate treatment centers, instead she chooses to blame the people who work for these facilities and have to follow the strict guidelines to staying employed which a lot of recovery addicts struggle with. Her anger trying to lash out at myself for being the sponsor to Dru Hicks. Life is about progress. Have a lot of these people Carol calls out and exploits them because of her own shortcomings made progress? Hell yeah! Their not banging on the streets, right? I work with a lot of active addicts and addicts getting clean. The show of remorse and determination far out ways the anger, ego driven women trying to fix her guilt through everyone else’s failures. Example: She has never talked or met me until yesterday. She calls me a sexual predator. What does this say about one’s character?


      1. Carol
        Showing my ass??? Sorry. I am a bit unlike those who send pics of their body online. I don’t really follow any recovery sites other than clean and sober that’s what’s up. But you can pry all you like. I’ll help you a little. In 1985 I was arrested in Indianapolis, Indiana by DEA. Outside of that good luck. Do I support todays corporate treatment centers, No! I believe unless you’ve been in there and had a first hand experience, allow those who have take responsibility and do the right thing on their behalf. You attack people based on opinion and others who may not be so real in their situation. I am aware of people that have been harmed and some who have been deceived beyond words. I know how someone was extremely hurt and deceived by Dru. I know someone that was taken for amount of money by deception. I look at a lot of your stories and some are a couple years old. Doesn’t seem you have anything relevant to today. Did these people change???? I’m not here to defend Dru, or say the people who’ve been hurt. You attacked me for no reason. You don’t know me. Your people on here don’t know me. I wonder if they really know you???? You people, all of you, use these platforms to draw people. To gain what. Ego???? Exposure. To me, you all are a bunch of hypocrites. You expose people for being bad, doing bad things! People forget their shortcomings. This is why I’m wasting my time and energy. You want subscribers. They want subscribers. None of you really care. That’s why I say you’re no different than they are. Have a beautiful life. But take a moment and look in the mirror. I tell Dru this all the time. Just because I tell you this will you do it????


  2. Victor,
    Aren’t you supposed to be a sponsor? This behavior isn’t very sponsor-like. First, your entire statement is riddled with stigma. You’re assuming money (or lack thereof) dictates the kind of care one should receive. You’re also assuming Carol’s wealth is monetary. That she should be feeling guilt for her daughters struggles with substance use disorder. This insinuates that something is wrong with her Daughter because she has SUD. Furthermore, you’re using derogatory terms like addict, when you should be saying Substance Use Disorder. This is not the type of mindset (or terminology) we like to see coming from someone in recovery. Let alone a sponsor. To top it off, you lied and said she called you something she did not. In my opinion, your comment says far more about your own character than it does hers. Not surprisingly, It’s not a good look for you or Dru.

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    1. Melissa.
      You question me as a sponsor because of what? The reality is we are addicts. Let’s deal with reality. Not some liberal name changing ideas. We in recovery refer ourselves as addicts. I’m a grateful recovering addict. Thank you. Carol chose to tell me she was wealthy! She meant monetary. Sorry you weren’t in the conversation. Behavior for calling someone out? Isn’t this what she does? I’m stating facts, opinion and perception. As she does. She had a first conversation with me, yet she calls me out on being a sexual predator? She doesn’t know anything about me. I’ve been around a little done a little bit of work. Have helped many move forward in their lives. I’ve heard from others about why Carol does what she does. I asked her that same simple question. She wouldn’t answer. I was being nice during all her snide little comments. She’s bitter at people that didn’t do as they said they would. Question to you. This is not the terminology you expect??? Who might you be????


      1. How do you know what I meant when I used the word “wealthy”? Apparently you were quite wrong. Your facts are non-factual. You have yet to show proof that I allegedly said you were a “‘sexual predator”. You’ve “heard from others about why Carol does what she does.” I can assure you that “others” have no idea what they’re talking about. I mean, look at the company you keep. I think that’s called gossip. Who in particular do you believe didn’t do as they said they would as I have no fucking clue what you’re talking about. The TRUTH is YOU have no idea what you’re fucking talking about.
        You were right when you said that I’m a lot older than you and I’m a whole lot smarter and better educated, too. Dru has you gaslighted right along with the rest of his kool-aid drinking members of his little cult.


        1. Struck a nerve I see. It’s in your post of Dru Hicks and Victor Kelly sexual predator. How do you think I saw it??? On your site. Just like your comment about my profile being bullshit. Sunbiz.org. Maybe it’s time people learn about you Carol. You’re no different than the people you go after. Getting all upset. Blowing out fbombs. I have stated facts. What’s next?? Sending the feds after me. They are in your back pocket. Maybe I will post our messages on your site. Or maybe I misunderstood that feds comment as well. Yes I have sent a copy of the post. Maybe you’re smarter than me? I don’t know. Never met you. Never really spoke to you. So maybe. I’m just a old junky that turned his life around. Dumb Chicago boy. Have a nice evening.


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