From a mother of an IV Meth user.

A mother lost her little girl. She went searching for her in the very darkest of all forests on this earth. She searched and searched and searched. Her heart broke a little more with each step. The mother became so weary, but she refused to give up. Out of nowhere there was a very small clearing in the forest and the sun was shining through it. The mother found the hope she was certain had been lost forever. The mother moved slowly towards the light. There behind a huge tree stood her daughter still in the dark. The mother gently approached her daughter and took her sweet hand. Not a word was spoken as they walked back home with a light to guide them all the way. The daughter professed that she never wanted to be lost again, and so the mother shared with her what she had learned. For the mother had been lost in that same dark forest years before and she understood the fear. The daughter whispered: “Teach me.”

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