What is James Sweasy up to?

James Sweasy is on the prowl for Halfway Houses and Sober Livings. He is reaching out to these entities requesting that they send ALL their relapse residents to Robert Alexander Center. A written contract must be signed.


Look who works for the fake and fraudulent “Dr. Cali Estes” with The Addictions Academy where she charges astronomical prices for a worthless piece of paper.

This is what a worthless piece of paper looks like.


  1. You’re so full of shit! He helps so many people! He KNOWS he’s not perfect and that is what is attractive about him. Also, the cost of any treatment center is extremely expensive! However, insurance (even Medicaid) covers the cost. So get off your high horse and let this man do what he is called to do. So what if he makes a fortune. You have the same opportunity!

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