PAMELA DEBOUTEZ JONES: “Do you need Detox or Treatment?? Call me at…..”

“Works at Mindset for Recovery”. What is your position, Pamela? Outreach Coordinator? And WTH is Mindset for Recovery?

Nationally Certified Interventionist, Nationally Certified Recovery Coach, Nationally Certified Life and Recovery Coach? I THINK NOT! Worthless pieces of paper issued by the fraudulent and fake “Dr.”Cali Estes from The Addictions Academy.

This is a page for Pamela to go fishing for PPO’s.


The infamous Robin “Higgy” Higginbotham
Body brokers Rich Walters, Colicchie, Rocky Meadows, and Higgy
Body broker Joe Nester
Body broker Andrew Hager with Boca Recovery Center
Body brokers Myra Meade and Jonathan Weirich with Chicago Hope Dealers
Body brokers Jonathan Weirich, Myra Meade, and Marty Norman
Cloud Gang
Aaron Spaulding
Higgy, Myra Meade, Jonathan Weirich
Pamela Deboutez Jones

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