More on Cody Bishop

A message received:

I’m a friend of Cody’s and just wanting to tell you some stuff.
He shouldn’t be doing this go fund me and it’s made me real mad.
Cody told me he got a large insurance payment of like over $10.000.00 from car accident he and his ex Kate were in over a year ago in Vegas.
He only got that money this year like about five months ago, when he relapsed.
Right now he’s working in the union with his dad or Ron making $1000 a week and has had this job a while now, don’t know why he has a go fund me account???
Taking advantage of people is what he does best.
A born con artist!
He just wants to use his fame as he calls it to con people for $$$
I’m pissed he’s taking advantage of people yet again.
This isn’t his first go fund me and won’t be the last.
He just wants this money to get sleeve tattoos.

And here we are today.

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