One Woman’s Experience at a Detox: Referred by RICHIE WEBBER

Okay basically I got there March 7th of 2020. I had someone who worked for them pick me up at the air port. I was happy at first because I felt like I was in paradise and I was also going to finally get clean from drugs! But then I also started wondering if this was all way too good to be true. So I arrived at the Haven Detox, had to get settled in and I really thought how beautiful the place was. Got 3 meals a day including a pay of cigarettes a day. They started me on subutex to slowly wean me off opiates. They started me on psychiatric medication which was a great start and something I definitely needed. But then I started feeling like I was being given TOO many medications. I started feeling like I was being given TOO many drug tests. I believe the drug test was once a day, if I am correct. I did not like that because I had to piss in front of someone on a daily basis and I felt very embarrassed. Plus sometimes it would be hard for me to just piss on spot like that. I started getting more uncomfortable as the days progressed because different people were being brought in and a lot of them were aggressive because they were coming off drugs. I remember this one girl became my roommate and apparently she was detoxing off I believe heroin and meth or heroin and crack. It was one of the two. Anyway I believe it was the second night she was there and she was so out of it that she came into the room and came right to my bed and pulled off my blanket and pillows. I was super pissed off. I did not expect that. After that they moved me into this other girls room. She was detoxing off crack and was a prostitute. A few days of me rooming with her she was so out of it she accused me of stealing her cigarettes. I never stole them she was just so out of it from the crack that she misplaced them and forgot about it. She then tried to come up to me and confront me about me telling people she was falsely accusing me of stealing. I got uncomfortable and told the employees about it. There were police there almost every other day due to fights. Since people were coming off of drugs they were of course going to be aggressive. There was one time a bunch of cops came rushing to the detox wanting everyone to go inside immediately. Turns out there was a crazy guy close to the area with a loaded gun! That I believe was the moment I asked myself why Richie Webber would even send me there. I thought it was a dangerous move on his part and I wondered what the hell he was thinking. Because he said this detox was suppose to be one of the best in the entire country!

CORRECTION: This occurred in 2019, and not 2020.

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