Let’s see what CODY BISHOP has to say.

I have a job. I guess you guys missed the spot I said medical bills. Worry of a brain tumor. Liver problems. People make go fund mes for all sorts of things and I just asked for assistance if you don’t wanna ok. But no need to be rude. You guys only know what you see. I don’t share EVERY bit of my life and if you knew the struggles I had or endured them yourselves I guess it’d be different. I hope at least. You guys don’t know the struggles I have just to sleep more than 45 minutes at a time at know from the ptsd of being shot at stabbed and jumped to the point of not moving. You don’t know the struggle of having to leave work early every other day for doctor appointments fearing your gonna get the worst or being taxied around because you can’t drive legally and if you could your scared to do that from past situations. The worry of walking in a gas station and having your life takin because of the people still looking for you. I understand why people may think I’ll of the go fund me but I don’t see a reason to criticize over it. People must be big an bad when they don’t have to walk in the shoes..

No I never said I’m more worthy not once because I don’t believe I am. I personally believe and hope the best for everybody. And for my recovery, I hit meetings, I go to church, I work out, I have a job, I’ve been going to the doctor for the recovery of my health as well. I’ve wrote letters to individuals I’ve hurt and extended my apologies to those I’m able. I have people ask me for help talking to their loved ones and I do so just to try and help not because I’m an expert on anything cause I’m not even close to one. I just say that there is hope. I see a counselor for things I don’t need to share. I do a lot for my recovery. Sure I could do more I know that but I’m doing more now than last week and more that week than last year. I move towards progress, not perfection. I’m here for my family again if they need anything and they don’t have to worry about locking doors and hiding belongings. I have a long way to go I know that believe me. A LONG way to go, but I know I’ll get there as long as I do the next best thing and not pick up a drug or drink

At the gym


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