Let’s take a glance at GARNER STRAIN…

Garner has a non-profit (Hope From Ohio) and works as a marketer for Pinnacle Treatment Centers. Hmmm…🤔

After being fired from notoriously dirty Midwest Treatment Center, for not meeting quota for heads in beds, Chris Carter has now joined forces with Garner Strain.

Introducing Chris Carter

“Patient Care Navigator”. How many names will they come up with for a marketer/body broker?


  1. I would wonder if Pinnacle Knows this? Pinnacle doesn’t put up with this kind of behavior or anything that looks like this at least the Pinnacle where I am anyway . This guy is Gross, No one is getting well with him directing them.

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    1. What is gross exactly? Making a funny video for a sick friend who was very depressed that had nothing to do with recovery or his place of employment. For someone who claims to do so much research how did you not know he didn’t work for Pinnacle at this time?


  2. I will definitely comment on this as that video and photos were made for our neighbor struggling with cancer nothing else also with my kids while I was not working with pinnacle.
    I have never brokered anyone. I Care about getting people into recovery with insurance or not. I was let go from Midwest because I was going into another direction of helping the less unfortunate as I still am. I don’t talk about others and I am glad you have a page trying to make this known but this is not me my heart doesn’t put a price on lives as I don’t get alot of sleep helping those on my own hour. I would gladly talk to you in person and listen to you know arguement just to hear you out and if you could hear me out. Hope to hear from you.

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    1. Chris….I have done due diligence researching this matter with regard to the past and present treatment centers you have worked for in the past and present. I am not at liberty to discuss ongoing investigations. Do your homework!


      1. I appreciate your comment back Carol as I work with law inforcement as well. I do know the law as your informant does.. she keeps blasting me underneath rather then facts.
        I’m going to now involve my lawyers. I wish no ill on you at all. But these accusations are completely false and attacking. I’ve checked with the law inforcement myself today and I’m doing the math and protecting my family and integrity. Again please talk to me to really see who I am you would be surprised as I supported what you were doing and I defended you. Hope your day is blessed.

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  3. Where are the pics taken from, a video? Like from the video he posted for his friend who was diagnosed
    with cancer and was having a terrible day? How does one video define a person? How does your blog calling people out define you? What actual actions do you have that Garner and Chris have done that are NOT helping people get recovery? How does this blog help? If you have so much time to do this maybe you should go out on the streets and start helping the problem. Yoi might want to open a Bible while your at it and start reading the parts that talk about judging others. Nice way to hide hide behind a fake name. If your so righteous why can’t you use your real name like you do blasting others who are actual helping the problem. This a joke of a website made to look like it helps people by what, warning them about people?

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    1. My name is Carol Terwilliger. Check-out my FB page. I’ve been doing what I do for over 4 years. My track record has been excellent. The higher powers on the totum pole of law enforcement use my website and confirm I am consistently spot-on. Thank you for your comment.


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