The truth always comes to light, Tim Ryan

Carol Terwilliger good Lord.
This has GOT to stop. 😢

I thought she was safe there. It was the 1st time in months I actually felt she had a chance and I could sleep at night again.

She could have died, I was soooo naive.

They were doing Flacka (?)
That was one that until going there, she had never done before. 🤦‍♀️

They need to go down for the shady crap thats going on. Lives being lost.

I feel so sorry for the parents just starting this journey. They want so badly to believe the addiction nightmare will finally stop once they’re in a rehab.
When in fact its not even being addressed truly, while they are there.
Many kids die this way.

By the Grace of God ( certainly NOT Tim Ryan, she’s alive, and clean. 4 years this coming April.

Tim knew what he was doing. But didn’t give a rats ass…. lied straight to my face..
SHAME, shame on him!
Karma is coming….

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