A few words on Banyon and Tim Ryan

Carol Terwilliger that’s where I was 4+ years ago with Banyan in Fl.
They let my daughter hang on the beach. Party, not required to be in meetings, RARELY drug tested. Didn’t hold her accountable for therapy and interacting with family on resolving issues…
She later said it was a joke, and a wonderful vacation for her!


She was supposed to be under their care, and trying to get clean.

That was the Furthest thing from what went on there!!
She came home, after 2 months out there, and was wasted by day 3 being home.

A complete nightmare for the family. 😢

This was all under Tim Ryan.

Who, btw, claimed he saw my kid twice while out there.

She said she never saw him once !!

He’s a complete pos, and a magnificent LIAR.

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