A word or two on RICHIE WEBBER

The follow-up calls are for one reason and one reason only. They don’t give a shit about you doing well. They’re hoping you relapsed so they can put you back in treatment and run your insurance again. This is the TRUTH! Please don’t be fooled.

You can add this in too..Richie has stayed many times that basically depression and anxiety will go away if you just exercise! I have saw the things he has posted since 2016. It’s clear he thinks that mental illnesses can be cured if people just exercise and meditate and do all the stuff he does. Yet he claims he suffers from depression and anxiety 🤣 I watched him be very cold to chanda during their fb live when she was having a panicked attack. Like he didnt understand what was happening to her and looked irritated or annoyed. He doesnt understand psychology, like I have stated
He has no right posting fear based things for all of his followers to see. Like I said, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone will get hurt or even worse, die because of him. Not only does he not care what happens to the people he manipulates into rehab, he doesnt discuss with them after care when they complete the program he sends them to. He only visited me once while I was in detox and never came to visit me in the rehabilitation part before I finished the program. Never called to check up on me. I called him actually and the conversation wasn’t even a minute long 😞 I felt so alone and helpless. He was so irresponsible and negligent to send me from Ohio to Florida. So many times I wanted to walk right out of the program and stay on the beach until I could go back home. I never thought I was gonna get to go back home. I felt stuck in Florida and trapped. When I completed the program he did message me once in awhile to ask how I was doing. Other than that, that was it. No follow up after care. No advise or guidance on where or what I was suppose to do next. And all the times he did check on me when i got home. He wouldn’t even respond back to me after I told him I was doing okay when he asked me. Like why even message me if you’re only gonna send a short message and I respond and YOU dont feel like responding back anymore…..long story short, if i ever relapse, I will NOT seek help or guidance from him!!

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