A letter to Victor and Pastor Pat

Are you aware that Dru parrots whatever you tell him? Victor, has Dru ever fully worked the Steps? Does he work the steps on a regular basis? Does Dru have any idea what spiritual principles are? How does Dru apply spiritual principles in his daily walk?

Pastor Pat, you have been a fine example for Dru on how to preach. He sounds like a recovery evangelist. Shouting. Pointing fingers. Frequently requesting an amen for the ridiculous things he says.

I’m sure you are both aware that the ONLY reason Dru came clean about being a sexual predator was because I repeatedly exposed the truth about him. Are you aware that a life long sexual predator is not healed in a few short months? Going to meetings, talking to his sponsor and pastor doesn’t even come close. What’s wrong with the two of you?

I’m sure you are both aware that the ONLY reason Dru came clean about lying about Erin was because I brought attention to the fact that he never mentioned her and kept her hidden in the background.

He’s never come clean about being a body broker in the rogue Treatment Center Industry and continues to maintain close ties with multiple body brokers. Why?!

Are either of you at all versed in what ego looks like and how self-destructive it is? Dru has no business being on Social Media or speaking at events. He’s a hypocrite who does NOT practice what he preaches. He is one of the very worst examples of “recovery” I have ever witnessed. He behaves like a cult leader, an evangelical preacher, and a guru of recovery. He tells everyone what to do that he does not do himself. He is a fake and a fraud. He is consumed by an impenetrable EGO.

Shame on both of you for supporting this very dangerous monster.

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