1. What continues to amaze me, is when ppl in the addxn industry (see Dan the Pharmacist, McShin, etc… ) are informed that Richie Webber, Dru Hicks etc are body brokers rehab traffickers & they chose to deny it & make excuses. They refuse to do ANY due diligence at all. They are a part of that industry – you’d think they want to differentiate themselves. Nope. What side they’re on can only be determined by their words & their actions. And as of right now, I see no reason to say they not complicit. Specifically, “Dan the pharmacist” seems EXTREMELY naive & vulnerable to profit seeking. Shameful

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    1. Dolorfinis…You are spot-on with the full content of your comment.
      ALL mentioned have dirty hands.
      Within a few days after the podcast with John and some personal communication with Dan I was able to see the truth glaring in the light.


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