An inside look at Whole Health in Delray. Anonymous.

The truth comes roaring with great courage.

I’ll tell you exactly what happened that day….
I was currently taking suboxone & needed a new doctor immediately. So a friend of ours told us about Whole Health. They said, The doctor will prescribe you whatever you want, speaking of milligrams & how many “Id like to take a day” Sounded fishy but I needed a doctor that day!!
I made an appointment in the morning, and was told my insurance was accepted. Forward to appointment. I got there right on time. Filled out an endless amount of paperwork. May I add, The waiting room was filled with tons of people, standing room only basically. Probably about 40 to 50 ppl in an office with 15 chairs. Overcapacity ya think? Against fire code, ya think? Before being taken back after they called my name (2.5 hrs in waiting room) the front desk told me they do not accept my insurance, and Id have to pay out of pocket for visit. I immediately called my husband, and had the lady speak to him. He called insurance, and was told they do infact take out insurance and don’t understand the confusion on the doctors end. I was over arguing with everybody so I paid $150! Mind you again, they wanted $250 in the beginning but since I wouldn’t shut up, they lowered it. I paid & again I was put into another waiting room, filled overcapacity to. Now I’ve waited 3.5 hrs to be seen. Finally I was taken to a room. They did the normal routine stuff, temp, blood pressure, questions, ya da ya da ya da….
Then handed me a cup to do a UA. Once back in the room I was greeted by another person, this time a “Nurse” or so he said he was. He told me that my UA didn’t have any suboxone in it. That set me off. I always go to doctors offices prepared!!! I have a huge binder filled with everything you can think of medical on me. I had 5 months of prescriptions bottles with the medications I take, including the suboxone. I asked to see the Urine Test. I was told that wasn’t allowed. I called BS on that, and asked to for the doctor! I was told you only see the doctor once everything is done, and the UA results are concurrent with what you “say” your one, and what is on the test. I immediately called my husband. He called the insurance once again, he called front desk, he emailed the doctor while I was there, bc he to couldn’t speak to him. They kept saying, she will not be prescribed anything. Even my antidepressants they were denying. I was a mess. I was angry & of course spouting my mouth off. My husband called to tell them to immediately reimburse our card with the $150, and they can bill the “Insurance for the one lab on the UA” (My husband is not new to these games, and he does know this corrupt industry) Well, they denied the reimbursement of the $150. I left Whole Health with absolutely nothing, besides being robbed of MY MONEY & MY HEALTH INSURANCE INFORMATION! Few months later we received the printout from our insurance company, and low & behold… Whole Heath did infact take our insurance! They played a game from the start, but we won in the end. My husband went into overdrive with our insurance company & Whole Health. He called the labs they used, He googled endlessly what he could find on these labs… He emailed that doctor at Whole Health at-least 100x, and never got an email back, or a call from the doctor or even was able to get through to him at his office. My husband gave up trying to contact that scumbag doctor, but not the insurance. Since the health insurance is under his name, I can’t do very much on my side, except explain what happened during my appointment. A claim/investigation was filled by our health insurance company.
We haven’t heard much since the claim/investigation was filled by our Health Insurance or from the doctors office.
But sure enough we kept receiving bills from the insurance company even they told us to just push them aside for the moment until everything was handled & they got the answers.
Forward a year…. The doctor who owns, runs and scams patients & insurance companies has been arrested on a multitude of charges. Fraud being #1! That’s not surprising seeing how I was treated, as well as my husband & our health insurance, and our wallets.
I’m not sure what will come of this & what will be done about the thousands of individuals & the insurance companies that were robbed by this evil twisted doctor. I do know one thing, I will speak up about what I see & hear in this industry. Believe there is a lot more doctors like this one around here in Sunny South Florida, I can name a few. Their time is coming, and they to will be charged with fraud, patients brokering, etc etc. I can’t wait to see the day that all of these doctors, rogue detox & treatment centers, “BODY BROKERS”, and snakes behind bars! Until then I’ll stand up, speak out! If by speaking the truth of this disgusting industry saves one persons child, a loved one or even saves a person reading this,
Then it will all be worth it!!! Xoxo

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