I think Dan has a lot to learn. What do you think? Clearly he hasn’t done his homework.

What?! She’s an alcoholic.
Including the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Okay, whatever you say Dan. Resources for legitimate recovery? Good luck with that!
He wasn’t clean until about 3 years ago? Gosh, Dan, that’s not what he’s been telling us in his videos. Did he admit to you that he relapsed? Please let us know which treatment centers he refers people to. I’ll bet I know a whole lot more about them than you do.

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  1. Is he kidding me? As I read this it reads as if to him Dan, it was ok to falsely or bait people into treatment because these brokers were only ripping off the insurance companies, and some may have gotten help? Get out of here with that nonsense. People died! In this fight and war, you can not pick and choose what was ok and what was not. These brokers are no different than the dealers and big pharma in my book. I am highly disappointed in Dan and will no longer follow or share him and his stuff. How dare you make an excuse like that, reasoning with their actins for your self-gain. You will learn the hard way sadly. I get it, I get we all want to try and trust those who are supposedly in the field and fighting the fight. And yes some get help due to their own strength. the others that are the most vulnerable are the ones that fall and die. These brokers and grandstanders are in it to fame and that is it!!! They may have started in the right foot and switched when monetary gain stepped in. Sad and disgusting to use people’s illness for gain. No other disease does this!!!

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