More exploitation of Cody Bishop. More self-aggrandizement by yours truly Richie Webber.

What treatment center did you send him to this time, Richie? Was it in Florida? Was that the “intervention” that you and Chanda flew to Florida for…”for a good friend”?

Worthless piece of paper. “Dr.” Cali Estes is a fraud. She is NOT a doctor nor does she have a legitimate PhD. All to say that Richie Webber is NOT a legitimate “National Certified Intervention Professional”. Total bullshit.

Covid19 didn’t stop Cody from getting involved in a relationship. Richie, I guess Cody wasn’t watching the “world’s largest recovery meeting”?

Richie Webber, once again, exploits Cody Bishop. Cody is now Richie’s bait for PPO’s. Cody’s Mom apparently still hasn’t figured out that plastering her son all over Social Media just might not be conducive to his recovery. Go Jennifer! Check the definition of insanity in recovery.

Richie Webber, you are no hero. You are a self-centered narcissistic liar. You are a seeker of fame and big money…utilizing the same strategies you used on the streets…lying, manipulating, deceiving, and taking advantage of the most vulnerable. You’re not even honest about your clean/sober time. You still refuse to say what treatment center(s) you’re marketing for. No ethics. No values. No morals.

Brace yourself for your inevitable fall, Mr. Webber.


    1. Dan “The Pharmacist” wants me to send him evidence that Richie Webber is a bad guy. Really? I ain’t going through 20K screenshots for him. I don’t give a lollipop what he thinks of me.
      One more on the radar.


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