RICH WALTERS…for those who are new to my FB page and website.

He is NOT who he wants you to think he is.

In late 2016/early 2017 I reached out to Rich Walters, as my brother in recovery, via messenger in an attempt to warn him about taking a newly offered marketing position with Reliance Treatment Center. He seemed disinterested. I suggested we talk on the phone. Again not interested. I offered to come to Parkersburg where he resides on any day, any time, and any location of his choice. Nope. Not interested. Shortly thereafter Rich was working for Reliance and a little later White Oak Run (owned by Reliance).

For 2 years I brought awareness to the on-line recovery community regarding the dirty doings occurring with Reliance, White Oak Run, and their BODY BROKERS including Rich Walters. I was called the “crazy lady”, and worse, during that time period.

Finally in January 2019 Brian Mylett, owner of Reliance and White Oak Run was indicted and arrested on 35 felony counts of patient brokering. Suffice to say that Rich Walters was aware from minute one exactly who and what he was getting himself involved with.

From there Rich Walters went on over to Life Changes which shut down shortly thereafter. Next stop for Rich was Treatment Alternatives. Another known dirty treatment center.

From there Rich Walters moved on over to Boca Recovery Center joined by his now wife Shay Dunn Walters. This center was co-founded by Nicki Scarfo’s grandson Christopher Ferry. After 11 months, and placing no more than 12-15 heads in beds, Mr. Walters was fired.

In addition to Rich Walters and Shay Dunn Walters the following individuals also worked as “marketers” at Boca Recovery Center: DRU HICKS, COLICCHIE, JOE NESTER, EARLE VAN, WILLIAM MAROTTA, and JUSTIN CARMICHAEL. Quite a line-up wouldn’t you say?

Christopher Ferry told me over a telephone call that he spent over $100,000.00 promoting Rich Walters on Social Media and building his following.

Murderous Philadelphia Mob boss dies in prison

Rich Walters was indicted, in the past, on over 30 felony counts yet never served any time. He is a known snitch in Parkersburg WV.

I’ve always wondered if Mr. Walters turned states evidence against Reliance, White Oak Run, and Treatment Alternatives, received immunity and kept on going.

I know for a fact that Rich Walters patient brokered an individual in January 2020 to West Palm Beach Recovery Center.

Rich Walters boasts 6 years of sober/clean time and that is an absolute lie.


  1. I just never understood, why a Christian couple , never mention Amber passing. Each year , I heard there’s a March for Lives Gone to drugs? Yet, the mothers of Rich children aren’t mentioned. When you speak publicly, on FB, then out of respect, I would think Amber should be remembered. My thoughts……

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  2. Rich & Shay really acheived alot, in spite of him being fired. In between jobs. Newly married, & raising 3 beautiful children. (Angels 😇😇 watching over them.)
    New home, new buisness, new car, living as large as his ego. All in a year or so? I saw where Meriah “Shay” says, her husband is such a story teller. 🙄 Name it & claim it baby. 💰
    Most have been struggling, in food lines, during the pandemic. Good job, y’all.

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        1. This I know and yes it is. Suspect Medicaid fraud. Now joining forces with The Mission. I don’t even know who to reach out to over there….glutted with corruption. He’s gotten away with way too much for way too long. Any suggestions?


    1. Yes, I am aware. I made a post on this website with documents as evidence. Their house is in Shay’s name. What will it take to take him down?! He’s poisoned Parkersburg.


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