I went to the Heroin Anonymous outdoor meeting in Parkersburg WV last night. The meeting that Rich Walters started. I met up with my daughter at the meeting.

The meeting was held outside at the Parkersburg City Park. I’m guessing there were approximately 35-40 people in attendance. We sat crowded together under a covered pavilion at picnic tables. No social distancing whatsoever. I sat on the bench of a picnic table closest to the open air. I was the ONLY one wearing a mask.

Rich Walters was there with his wife, Shay Dunn Walters, and 3 of their children. My old sponsor was there and another woman whom I like very much and had met years ago when she was in Sober Living.

It was a speaker meeting. A woman with less than 3 years clean/sober from Huntington WV. She had gone to treatment at Rocky Meadows’ Lighthouse. She subsequently relapsed 17 times although she spoke highly of Rocky. (You already know my sentiments about Rocky Meadows…ego and money oriented, hangs with the bad player marketers, and has sex with women in his sober living. Dru Hicks told me that quite awhile back.)

As I sat there and observed Rich Walters from across the pavilion I thought about all the egregious things I know about Rich. He’s the big man of recovery in Parkersburg with many adoring fans and followers. All I could see was a fraud, liar, deceiver, manipulator, and con man. I wondered how many people he has body brokered from “his” HA meetings.

Rich Walters sat at the opposite end of the pavilion from my daughter and I. Rich and I did not interact nor did our eyes meet even once, but he knew I was there.

Rich, Shay, and their children left immediately following the meeting.

Yes, I enjoyed the meeting. I enjoy every meeting I’ve ever been to. I especially enjoyed being with my daughter. Mother and daughter living in recovery today. What could be sweeter?!

Mother and Daughter on Drug Awareness Day 2020


  1. Great pic of you & your daughter. Rich& Shay are such liars. Omitting truths. If Rich woman Amber died sadly , by O.D. And Rich & Shay immediately become a couple in 2018. And blended their families ( children). With his job being terminated. Then they were married 2019? And the pandemic hit in 2020. The world lockdown. Where did Rich & Shay get all the money to buy a house? I hear it was a “Gift” to Shay. ( 1st lie) How did they get new vehicles , while raising his two children and her son? And do vacations & glamorous nails and so on. Doesn’t he owe child support for his first born? The spend lavishly, started a buisness. Now started another. And bought a vacation home in Florida? On & on. And we are at the nearing end of 2022. How did they get all these. They say it’s from GOD. But I would think it’s from other favors! They are the properties pastors, pets. This is awhole lot of BS. God blesses. But I believe they are messing! It doesn’t work that way! God will bless his own! But this is over the top. And these bottom feeders are full of horse manure. All those expensive gifts. Could had been money towards his child support of his first daughter. Shay just uses all the children to make herself look good. Wow! Just Wow! Oooh I get by with a little help from my friends…..lalala🎤🎹🎶🎷🎵📢

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