1. I am so very sad to see where she is today. I have looked for hours since her last fb update to see how she was doing. My heart is truly sad. She will be in my daily prayers!💔

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  2. License to kill… Getting easy money and abusing girls controlling them by drugs… !!!
    Warren Boyd is a low rat hide under his BS extreme Interventionist… Ex-convict who knows how to manipulate and intimidate naive people. He’s been lucky for now.
    He will pay and I will be pleased to see his loud fall …
    Boyd’s sober coaches are big time addicts playing clean… Everything is written on that Hollywood Reporter article

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment Rex. Warren Boyd is right up there with Chris Bathum and Kenny Chapman. There are many others who are freely committing their gruesome crimes. I realize investigations take a long time…years, but this is f***ing ridiculous.


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