RICHIE WEBBER: The truth in one comment

What in the literal f*ck?! I’d so msg him if he didn’t block me long ago for asking simple questions…
PLEASE, DO NOT seek treatment through this person! His track record leads others straight to relapse and/or even death! Call your insurance company and treatment centers yourself, and do your own homework! This guy is a fraud who preys on the weak for monetary gain! During Covid, he hasn’t been able to “place” ppl in treatment, hence why he monetizes off his followers on Twitch!!! Look up shady on google, his picture is the first to pop up, j/k… but it would be epic 💯
I’ve worked in the industry since 2014 and all the “placements” I’ve done, I actually do a biopsychosocial assessment first and every single person went into FREE treatment… I’m a SUD’s counselor/case manager, have worked as a mole for shady treatment centers and marketers, and unraveled the deception long ago, hence why I support Carol in her mission statement! #1 question, what certifications or licensing do you have RW??? Let me guess, you gained a fake cert from Cali Estes, just like the rest of the frauds… thank goodness for SAMSHA, all it takes is one phone call! Report these ppl, please and thank you! #2, which treatment centers do you do placements for and how much do you make on the back end for placing ppl into treatment? I’m transparent, I still do free placements, however I only deal w/ legit places I’ve vetted out and no, please don’t msg me for more information because I’ll give all the details right here, right now and you can do the leg work… the stages of change, one has to be willing, unfortunately you can’t force ppl into treatment and unless you’re making $ off placements, it’s honestly not a thrill in my life!!! Hence why I moved on to bigger and better things, ppl like this guy, have ruined the recovery industry 💯 If you honestly are ready and willing to change, there are so many free options and I pray you make the best decision for you or your family member 🙏🏻💙🙏🏻

A worthless piece of paper from the fraudulent and fake “Dr.” Cali Estes.

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