Rich Walters got to where he is today with law enforcement in Parkersburg by being a snitch. How else does someone “walk” on an indictment and arrest for 35 felony counts? Never spent one day in jail/prison. Mommy and Daddy dropped some huge stacks for attorney fees.

Rich Walters is lying about his clean/sober time. He has used repeatedly during his so-called recovery. FACT.

He continues to be a body broker in the rogue Treatment Center Industry to this day.

Will the day EVER come when Rich Walters is held accountable? I don’t think he’s EVER been held accountable for any bad thing he has EVER done, in active addiction or in recovery.

Treatment Centers Rich Walters body brokered for:



How do you think Rich Walters walked away free? Once a snitch always a snitch.


  1. Wow is all I can say……resentments are poison to people like us. I prefer to base my opinions and positions off of personal experiences and interactions, not assumptions or what other people tell me to be facts because, let’s face it, people have all sorts of hidden agendas and ulterior motives when speaking about someone else. First you bashed Rocky Meadows….I am from a little town across the Ohio from Huntington and have seen, first hand, Rocky in the grasp of the madness and the Rocky Meadows of today….he’s helping people today get their lives together, he’s guiding people on a spiritual journey….is he perfect? Not at all, has he profited mightily from his endeavors? Absolutely….that doesn’t give me the right to make claims such as are on this page aimlessly without fact….I know Rocky isn’t riding a bicycle anymore, stealing from whoever he can to get a hit of crack in the West End of Huntington anymore….those are facts…..as for Rich, it’s basically the same scenario, different city. I don’t know Rich when he was hopeless, but I know he helps people today….I know he’s a voice that can make a difference and make changes in the Mid Ohio Valley for the struggling addict and alcoholic. Love and tolerance is our code.

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