How many women did YOU break right down to their very core? How many souls and spirits have you trampled on? How many women did you manipulate, take advantage of, and demoralize in the process of your own sick and selfish desires? How many young women new in recovery did you victimize and harm? You are a sexual predator and so is your brother. You did this for over 4 years while you boasted your recovery. Do you think you can shrug it off by proclaiming: “That was in my past”? 115 days is no match for 4+ years. Apparently you are just that egocentric, selfish, and stupid to not see the damage you have caused and continue to cause. You have sheer audacity to continue preaching from your erroneous pulpit. You are a false prophet. You have no idea just how sick you are and that makes you that much more dangerous.

Read that again, and again, and again Dru Hicks.

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