Dru, do you remember the countless hours we spent talking on the phone about your dangerous ego? Do you remember how I did everything I possibly could to try and help you? Do you remember? You took some of my suggestions for awhile, but it wasn’t long before you fell back into your old habits. I lovingly reached my hand out to you, Dru. Do you remember? You made your own choices. Your ego continues to rule.

You preach, you instruct, you tell people what Recovery is all about. For 4+ years of your so-called Recovery you sexually preyed on vulnerable, innocent women in active addiction or in early recovery. You got at least one of them pregnant and turned your back on the mother as well as your child. To this day you don’t acknowledge them in any way. You’ve sent the same picture of you holding your erect penis to countless women all the while living with your fiancé and preaching recovery on Social Media. You tell thousands about recovery while your recovery continues to stink. It stunk then and it still stinks today. You are anything but a guru of recovery. NO ONE IS, but you believe that you are. Your EGO has complete control of you. Worst of all you don’t see it, refuse to see it, no matter how many times it has been pointed out to you. Half of what comes out of your mouth is inaccurate and the other half makes no sense at all. You are not honest. You’re living a lie. You’re delusional and living in some kind of make believe reality. You are not openminded. You are completely void of willingness. You are not willing to face your greatest demon of all…your EGO. Sadly, you are destroying yourself and countless others each and everyday. A greater travesty of recovery I have yet to witness. My heart weeps for you and all those you are leading astray.

God sees you and what you’re doing.

Keep preaching that which you are incapable of doing.

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