And so you say: “That’s in the past.”

You claim you’ve been in recovery for 4 1/2 years. You’ve been fired from two different Treatment Centers for your sexual predatory behaviors. Your story changes every time you tell it. You lied about the .45 caliber gun, and more.

Within the past 6 months you have sexually preyed upon many young women who were either in active addiction or new to recovery. And all you have to say is: “That’s in the past”. So, for 4 of the 4 1/2 years you’ve been in recovery you sexually preyed on vulnerable woman and we should all be reassured when you say: “That’s in the past.”

You sexually preyed on vulnerable women for 4 years while you claimed to be in recovery. I cannot help but wonder what you are currently doing behind the scenes that will ultimately come to light and when it does we’ll hear you say all over again: “That was in the past.”

You act like a preacher, a pastor, a cult leader, and guru of recovery on your “lives” as you mislead and misguide your thousands of naive followers. You are an absolute travesty to recovery.

In every one of your videos, at the beginning and end, you ask your followers to “share, share, share your video so it will reach around the whole world”. Why? Because you think your faulty message is just that good?! After all you claim you are no longer working in the treatment center industry, so what other reason could there be?

You associate yourself with many, many of the marketers/body brokers in the rogue Treatment Center Industry. How do you explain that? Joe Nester. Matty Jablonsky. Rich Walters. And the list goes on.

Apparently you told someone VERY recently that you will NEVER get off Social Media. You are an exceedingly unwell man and you are DANGEROUS to literally thousands. You are a slave to your ego. The number of your mental health issues have clearly not yet been addressed and likely never will be.

BUT HEY, “This is in the past”. Yup. Less than 6 months ago.

I’ll be looking forward to your next “live” along with your incomparable memes.

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