Dru Hicks has a very serious problem that he is clearly in denial about. Many have reached-out to him, some with long-term Recovery, regarding his impermeable EGO and still Dru continues to sleep in his king sized bed of egoism.

Dru told Boston during a telephone conversation that he knows that every last one of the marketers are filth, and yet Dru attended the Blameless Children event yesterday and had his picture taken with the very filthy marketers he had spoken about only the day before.

Dru has proven again and again and again that he is a chronic, pathological liar. Dru consistently demonstrates that he is void of integrity and honesty.

I would venture to guess that Dru has nary a friend on the ground besides Pastor Pat who is an ass clown unto himself. The ONLY “friends” Dru has are out there in cyberspace and his life quite literally depends on them for they are the fodder and fuel that feeds his ego.

Why does Dru do his Lives in his car? He does his Lives in his car because his live-in girlfriend, Erin, does NOT like what Dru is doing on Social Media. (FYI: The trailer that Dru lives in with his girlfriend belongs to her.)

Erin does NOT like what Dru is doing on Social Media.
Why on earth would Dru CHOOSE to have his picture taken with Allen Barnett?!!
Despicable “Interventionist”, ALLEN BARNETT, armed with his fake and fraudulent “certification” from the fake ass “Dr.” Cali Estes.
Why on earth would Dru CHOOSE to have his picture taken with none other than Robin (Higgy) Higginbotham?!
There he is…all up in it!

And not just one picture with Higgy….
And Tyler Pack. Mr. Gucci himself.
And notorious Tim Capps

In closing, the Blameless Children event was sponsored by Andrew Hagar (and Boca Recovery Center) currently a marketer for Chris (Scarfo) Ferry’s Boca Recovery Center…..where Dru was a marketer at one time and subsequently fired.

*Former Boca Recovery Center marketers include: Rich Walters, William Marotta, Earle Van, Justin Carmichael, and Dru Hicks.

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