This is a man who has lied, deceived, manipulated, and conned the most vulnerable human beings throughout the 4+ years that he’s claimed to be in recovery. He has sexually preyed on young women in active addiction or who are new in recovery using his social media platform to do so. He’s been an unscrupulous marketer/body broker in the rogue Treatment Center Industry for the majority of his time in recovery. He has been fired from Boca Recovery Center and Profound Treatment Center as a result of his sexual predatory behaviors. He’s told his “story” with a new version each and every time…..filled with lies and untruths. This man has proven again and again and again that he is void of honesty, integrity, and humility. He has NEVER made an amends to ANY of his victims. So today this cowardly egocentric narcissist wants to convince you that ALL of that is in the past. All of that has manifested throughout his “recovery”, and he has convinced himself that whatever comes out of his mouth should be shared around the world. I watched Dru’s video with his brother last night. Many lies were told throughout the entire video. When Dru tells us that he no longer works in the TC Industry he is telling a partial truth and that’s as good as a lie. It is beyond my comprehension why anyone would trust him today when he lied just yesterday.

So, Dru, if I were to have murdered someone yesterday, but I saved a drowning man today I’m all good?

You have twisted “recovery” to suit you and your bullshit. Your bullshit is ugly and dangerous. You are completely void of a conscience. You are no example of recovery.


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