Another tragedy may be unfolding

I have been saying this in all her “lives” now for months. I went rehab with Dianna, just so you understand that I do know her as a person, and a sober one at that. Anyways, back to the body brokers, I’m friends on fb with some of the “known” body brokers in the recovery industry. I see them pop in every now & then when she’s “live” but don’t comment. What they are trying to do is get Dianna to come down here to South Florida to one of their “rehabs” so that they can profit off her. They will pay for her plane tickets, which is illegal to do. They will give her a scholarship to a rehab, being she only has Medicaid & NO REHAB TAKES MEDICAID, EXCEPT STATE RUN FACILITIES! They will scholarship her, which means cover the full cost of rehab for 30-90 days, and use her to rack in other patients, to put “HEADS IN BEDS” That is what they call it. They will then plaster her all over their rehabs Facebook, Twitter, IG, etc Accounts. Why do they have an interest in her? Well, look at the following, look at everyone who knows who she is, known around the world, well almost. Then once their done with her at a rehab, they will send her to a “Flop House” basically a halfway house for women or even co-Ed, which isn’t illegal but highly wrong on so many levels in recovery. They will bilk her parents until they have no money left to offer them, and then kick her ass out on the streets of South Florida. Then she will be cycled right back thru over & over again, or until she overdoses & dies. I live here to see all of this, I live where the recovery world calls us the Rehab Capital Of The World! They even supply drugs to their clients, so that they will “Pee Dirty” so that they can send the urine to a lab & charge the person, parents, loved ones, or their PPO HEALTH INSURANCE, THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR ONE CUP OF URINE BY ONE PERSON, and these places do urine tests 2,3,4 x a week. Which is only done to line the pockets of the owners & employees. LET ME ADD THIS ~ NOT EVERY DETOX, TREATMENT CENRER (REHAB), HALFWAY HOUSE DO THIS BEHAVIOR, BUT 3 OUT OF 5 DO, ALL OVER THE USA!
I’m sure some of the people following Dianna know who these “BIG TIME BODY BROKER GURUS” are & a lot of people believe in them, think their doing good, until one of them get arrested, which a lot of them have been arrested, and some who have are still running these places. Our streets down here have kids, adults & even people moms & dads strung out back on drugs or alcohol with no place to go, why you may ask? Why can’t they go back in & get help? Well, if YOU DO NOT HAVE TOP OF THE LINE HEALTH INSURANCE & IT HAS TO BE A “PPO” You are getting no help!
It’s a vicious cycle, and a sad one at that.
If you don’t believe me please take the tome to use “GOOGLE” and search “SOUTH FLORIDA SHUFFLE” and tons of articles will pop up with some mugshots & arrears. One of the biggest owner of a rehab, is in federal prison for sex trafficking right here in my same city!
All I’m saying is anyone who is offering her help, and calls her & says they have this “Plan” for her to go away somewhere blah blah blah, they are not doing this to help her, it will end up hurting her if not killing her in the end, while they line their wallets & bank accounts!
Facebook has tons of these “GURUS” who false advertise help they can offer, they say to message them if you need help, I say, GO RIGHT AHEAD, IF YOU HAVE NO HEALTH INSURANCE PPO PLAN, THEY WILL NOT ANSWER YOU BACK AFTER THAT! May I also add, MOST OF THEM ARE STILL USING. It’s a sick sick industry and if you don’t do your research you will fall into one of these peoples traps. All I have to say is don’t trust someone on fb who says they can help you & have a place you can fly off to immediately, especially to some “Luxury Rehab In South Florida” They thrive on desperate mothers, they love them. Why? Bc mothers who are in need of a rehab immediately & will do anything to get their child help. And these Gurus know exactly what to say & how to speak to them, to gain their trust & then their wallets, or PPO HEALTH INSURANCE POLICY!
Sorry it I explained a lot, but all of that needs to get out there so people can really know what’s going on, and not fall victim to one of these predators in recovery. As for that lady in Alabama, she definitely works for a treatment center & is a marketer, she gets paid to put “Heads in beds”. What made it super clear she wasn’t who she was playing to be, was the part where Dianna asks her about the treatment center, and she stutters Floriiiiiida, like that. Then Diannas says what’s the name, and she gets quiet & says she doesn’t remember the name but it’s a good one. LIES LIES LIES! THEY ARE ALL NON TRANSPARENT, non of them tell you where they work or for whom.
As much as I’m praying for Dianna to get help, and immediately. I do not want her to fall into the hands of a body broker. She will end up dead that way. If someone if going to get Dianna into treatment they need to have a plan & they need to make sure the rehab is what it says it is, do the research before, don’t just think bc the person from a rehab reaches out to you, that they are being real Or sincere. 99.9% they have ill intentions & do not care about the person only the money.
If you’d like to know who these “Body Broker Gurus” are you can message me, I’ll gladly point you in the direction, and also I’d recommended anyone reading this to google search “South Florida Shuffle” and also swing by the Facebook pages of Boston Durkin & Carol Twillenger both of them have done extensive research & know first hand about this crooked industry.

Dianna Seenoevil and Recovery Unplugged? LMAO.

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