1. You hate everyone, you even hate yourself. You should try being a nicer person, ,maybe you wouldn’t have so many health issues…I mean all that hate you just throw out does come back to you..and on here it is the SAME people over and over and over again….but they are actually so successful…..you just drown in hate. No wonder you had a heart attack….you just cant stop being such a TWAT…..

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    1. Jenny after reading your comment it sounds as if you’re the one with hate in their heart, calling a person a TWAT, seriously? That’s very spiritual of you and ladylike, I see you found the Jesus that the body brokers found lol. And personally attacking Carol’s medical issue, really? If you were a person that carried compassion and empathy you’d pray for her to help see her become healed. Your comment is unacceptable. Carol is a kind person, you can be a kind person and stand up for people who don’t have a voice, and expose the body brokers that she has so courageously done. You, on the other hand, are being lied and manipulated too, it’s such a shame when I see a person such as yourself blinded by these body brokers. Educate yourself.

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      1. Thank you Ranissa. I have as yet to see a professional comment on one of their pages. Daphne and Jenny are perfect examples of the caliber of people they prey upon.


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