Straight from one horse’s mouth. The truth about AMATUS, MIDWEST RECOVERY CENTER, and their cluster of mighty bad actors.

“You won’t get any former employees of Amatus and/or Midwest Recovery Center to come forward on Social Media. Why? Because they are all Federal witnesses to the criminal actions of Amatus, Midwest Recovery, and their many, many “bad actors”. I know several people who have been victimized by this company that claims to operate “by the book”. Midwest Recovery Center was founded by CEO Matt Bell who was a mere 8 months clean/sober and newly out of rehab. When Taylor Weil came to Ohio for an event that “Team Recovery” was sponsoring he had the backing of MICHAEL SILBERMAN and several Hebrew investors. MICHAEL SILBERMAN apparently had no concerns regarding MATT BELL who was not quite on solid clean and sober ground at the time. MATT BELL has since relapsed any number of times. One particular relapse occurred on a business trip to New Orleans. AMATUS and MIDWEST RECOVERY CENTER are adept at deceptive marketing skills. MATT BELL purchased illicit drugs to be used as “props” in his videos. AMATUS is spreading like a wild fire buying large properties and scamming insurance companies. MATT BELL is no longer the CEO as marked on the NPI website, but Midwest Recovery Center continues to deceive the public. MATT BELL surely has something huge on the owners of AMATUS, thus why he remains attached. MATT BELL continues to collect a paycheck and is now funneling it into an IV hydration lounge. The non-profit “Team Recovery”, utilized for Uber rides and cigarettes in turn for Google reviews, is now an LLC. Last, but not least, MATT BELL’S personal cell phone number is under MICHAEL SILBERMAN’S name.”



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