Chronic relapser with serious mental health issues: Allen Barnett. 💥💥💥BEWARE💥💥💥

“Dr.” CALI ESTES should be behind bars. I don’t know why the Alphabet Boys haven’t as yet buried her filthy ass. ALLEN BARNETT would fit right in behind bars or in a Psychiatric Institution.

This is a BULLSHIT and worthless piece of paper issued by fraudulent and fake “Dr.” Cali Estes. Cali Estes bought her “PhD” for $500.00 from a bogus on-line “Christian School”. Cali Estes CANNOT be licensed anywhere in the United States. FACT! Allen Barnett is NOT legitimately certified as a “Nationally Certified Advanced Clinical Intervention Professional”! Allen Barnett doesn’t have any education or qualifications. He’s not a professional anything other than a professional conman. FACT! This certificate would not be accepted at any legitimate treatment center. Imagine how many vulnerable people he scams using this worthless piece of paper.
Despicable and Deplorable

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