I’m aware that my posts on this website have pretty much sucked of late. No doubt you likely have the same thoughts. I announced not too long ago that when I hit 100K views I am retiring from this particular type of service work that I’ve been doing for just about 4 years. (Current # of views: 88K in 5 months time)

You may wonder why I consistently make posts featuring Dru Hicks, Richie Webber, and Rich Walters. Tim Ryan is another favorite of mine. Those of you who are new to my FB page and website have missed the countless posts I have made about countless POS working in the rogue Treatment Center Industry over the past 4 years. Dru, Richie, Rich, and Tim are simply exemplary examples of unscrupulous marketers/body brokers. The truth is that EVERY on-line Treatment Center Marketer is up to no good. (Over the past 5 months I have made 1501 posts on this website. Imagine how many FB posts and exposures I have made on my FB page over 4 years.)

More thoughts coming…..

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  1. Nope i never ever think any of your posts suck. Your reach is amazing. Please never ever stop posting and know that there are lives being saved by what you do. I will never stop till my dying breath. Fight the good fight you warrior woman.

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