Let’s take a look at a few more pieces of a very ugly puzzle. The “connections” are always so very telling once you’re familiar with the bad players.

I do NOT believe in coincidences.

“Addictions Resources Center”
“Send message”
Wonder what Mr. Gucci has to offer.
Alas! There’s Dru Hicks.
Oh my! And there’s HIGGY who has joined forces with the inimitable Denny Wilson.
Meet Jason Michael who is a self-proclaimed Public Figure and wants you to “send message”.
And then along comes “Inspirational Freestyle Recovery Flow” with a telephone number, email address, and “send message”.
Now Jason Michael appears on Inspirational Freestyle Recovery Flow.
Jason Michael and Gucci Recovery
Inspirational Freestyle Recovery Flow with Andrew Hager who works as a marketer for Chris Ferry and Boca Recovery Center.
“The Giveaway” ploy to increase his numbers for preying on people with PPO’s.

It is absolutely no coincidence that this little cluster f*** of covert “bad actors” are all tied together. The writing is on the wall. Open your eyes!

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