Post Surgical Chanda Lynn

I see Richie and Chanda took down their live video from last night. Good move actually.

As I watched last night’s video (no longer available) I felt compassion for Chanda and her current “condition”. As a Nurse I wanted to call her and offer a few suggestions on how to heal and recover from surgery. Clearly, she has no idea.

She needs to be resting quietly. She needs to ambulate every few hours (to avoid blood clots). She needs to be drinking plenty of fluids and eat light, healthy, easily digestible food. This is not the time to be doing live videos.

It would appear that Chanda is not caring for herself properly. As a result, she will have increased pain and a greater need for the Percocet she has been prescribed and has stated that she fears. Is Chanda intentionally exacerbating her pain to increase her need for the Percocet? Is Chanda digressing to Addict thinking and behaviors?

As a Nurse I have cared for many, many post surgical patients. I understand that each patient is different, and similar. As I watched the video I couldn’t help but see someone who is attention-seeking and dramatic. As well, I see how her mental health issues are playing a part in her current behaviors. Sadly, I can easily imagine this drama continuing.

Does Chanda Lynn have a clue as to what Recovery is all about? If she did she would take her fine little ass off Social Media once and for all and start REALLY taking care of herself…physically, mentally, and spiritually. However, I imagine her ego won’t allow for that to happen.


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  1. That moron risky web still has it up for clicks and likes… disgusting. Up for 40hrs deadset bullshit …..she is recovering from surgery and all he talks about is himself.

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