The corruption in this country is out of control. My personal focus has been on the corrupt treatment center industry because I became addicted to prescription opioids for 17 years and I made the choice to go to detox and begin my life again.

For nearly four years my passion and my mission has been to bring awareness and education to the on-line Recovery Community regarding the rogue Treatment Center Industry and their unscrupulous marketers/body brokers with the hope that one less vulnerable human being will be victimized by these very dangerous profiteers.

In so doing I now know that I have made some unknown amount of a difference. I hoped to reach just ONE as no price tag can be placed on the life of ANY human being.

I’m looking at “retiring” from this line of service work in the near future. I’ve set 100K views on this website to mark my retirement date. That number doesn’t seem to be coming fast enough. The number of views is currently 84K. I hope I can hold out that long.

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