When Dru called me we spoke for quite some time. One of the things he made sure to mention was that he currently has a “regular” job and hasn’t worked in the Treatment Center Industry for 6 months. This information was given to me by someone who is close to Dru and has known him personally for years.

So, what ARE you up to Mr. Transparency? Why DO you want your kool-aid drinkers to “Share, share, share” your videos so they will “reach the whole world”?

Still running your game. No different than when you were running your game on the streets.

Has Victor, your mystery sponsor, ever mentioned to you that this program is about honesty? Why hasn’t Victor joined you on one of your live videos?

Dru, you are nothing but a sham.


  1. See that’s were you are mistaken Victor has done a live with Dru and Dru shouldn’t have to tell you anything. You talk about kool aide drinkers but you sure as hell seem to be following these wonderful people you are out here trying to bash… makes me think honestly.


    1. Thank you so much for being on my website and for your weak comment. I don’t consider people who lie, deceive, manipulate, and con other people to be “wonderful”. Perhaps you aren’t familiar with my mission statement: To bring awareness and education to the on-line recovery community regarding the rogue treatment center industry and their unscrupulous marketers with the hope that one less vulnerable human being will be victimized. Dru Hicks supporter 4 life, keep drinking that kool-aid. Life is all about choices.


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