Keep it up, Dru. And so will I.

According to who, Dru?
You or God?
Was God written all over your recovery for the last 4 years and 4 months when you were preying on women sexually and body brokering?
When Morris Rosenbaum Benda read this he said:
Me and Morris said in unison: “What?”
Come on, Dru. How can you be proud of someone you’ve never met and know nothing about?
What a truly disingenuous thing to say.
Who gives a lollipop if some cyberspace egotistical fraud says: “I’m proud of you.”?
The only time that sort of comment would have any worth to me is if it were spoken to me by someone I know personally and intimately.
I’m so sick of you thinking you’re so f***ing special.
It wouldn’t bother me if you weren’t so consumed with your ego and doing harm to others.

“Truth is” and “Truth be told” are two of your favorite sayings. Dru, that’s ego speaking right there and it’s most often said by those who believe they are superior and know little about truth.

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