Dru Hicks deflects the truth. He still believes the truth is hate. Ego and narcissism manifests like that.

Dru gets together with Pastor Pat and then parrots Pastor Pat’s words on his live videos. When I spoke with Dru on the phone I presented him with my thoughts and he admitted that it was true.

Dru continues to preach and tell us how we think and what we need to do. He even said: “I am the problem.” What he didn’t say is: “And I still am.”

Dru emphasizes how important it is to: “Get out of self” and yet he continues with his self-centered video sermons behaving as though he is some sort of recovery guru giving the world hope. He believes what he says is so important that he asks his audience to share, share, share his bull 💩.

Narcissists don’t get better. Every time Dru does a FB live video I am reminded that he is still one very unwell individual and it would appear that there’s not much hope for Dru.

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