The conversation was relatively lengthy and a number of topics were discussed in great depth and detail.

At this time I am going to share with you a “topic” that Dru shared with me. Dru stated that he would be making a “live” video in the next 24-48 hours. The content of the video would be about his experience working in the (rogue) Treatment Center Industry. I have as yet to see any such video after the passing of 48 hours.

Dru further stated that he has NOT been working in the Treatment Center Industry for roughly 6 months. I said to Dru: “I have repeatedly and relentlessly asked you to be as transparent as you claim to be and share with the on-line Recovery Community which Treatment Center you are currently working for. I do not understand WHY you haven’t simply stated that you are NOT working in the industry. Pretty simple. So, why not?” Dru wasn’t able to answer that question.

I am left to wonder where the lies began and the truth ended during this telephone conversation.

As you might know, I minced no words with Dru. I was as straightforward and as honest with him as I possibly could be.

Perhaps I will share more about my conversation with Dru Hicks going forward. It remains to be seen if he will make the video he promised as the sands of time pass through the hour glass. ⏳

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