The faithful readers of my work are well-aware that I have been known to venture out on a limb. For almost 4 years my focus has been on bringing education and awareness to the on-line Recovery Community regarding the rogue Treatment Center Industry and their unscrupulous marketers (aka body brokers) with the hope that one less vulnerable human being will be victimized. My focus has been on just one symptom of a pervasive disease in this country, and all around the world, called corruption. The first degree murder of George Floyd has brought an enormous amount of attention to the corruption occurring within the law enforcement system. It has been going on for a very, very, very long time and nothing has changed. Do know that I understand and have immeasurable compassion for the racial aspect of this uprising. What is currently occurring on the streets via protests and destruction comes from not only the African American population, but from human beings crying from their hearts: “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”. The horrific 1st degree murder of George Floyd is but yet one more symptom of this pervasive disease called corruption. Money, power, and corruption has been, and still is, the order of the day. As a people we are being slowly and deliberately drowned by this killer disease. As human beings we must become a united and unrelenting ROAR across all of America. For ENOUGH IS ENOUGH of this centuries old pandemic called CORRUPTION. Every last stone must be turned over to expose the covert inner workings of this beast. No system or person spreading this disease is exempt. I am but one small voice, but I shall do my very best to expose the evil doers one by one. I hope you will join me and be a voice, too, as Crusaders for all that is just, good, and right. May we all be of good courage!

Stay vigilant always.

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