DRU HICKS: An Appetizer

The full course will soon follow.

Oh my Dru! 😱
Oh Jay. Do you not understand how extensive and lengthy Dru’s history of sex addiction is?
He was repeatedly sexually abused as a child.
It is not uncommon for a child who has been sexually abused to become a perpetrator.
A sponsor and a pastor are sorely inadequate to “cure” this complex mental health issue and certainly not in 3 weeks.
Lest we not forget, in the past year, Dru Hicks has been fired from both Boca Recovery Center and Profound Treatment Center as a result of his on-line sexual predator behaviors.
Dru Hicks continues to be a Marketer/Body Broker for an unnamed Treatment Center. His latest best kept secret. Dru is a master at keeping secrets.

Dru (top left)
Hmmm…..still can’t help but make sexual innuendos.
Meanwhile, Angel Bryant was thrilled to pieces to have Dru Hicks as a speaker at her event…along with his gang of Marketers/Body Brokers who work in the rogue Treatment Center Industry.
There are those connections again.
Does Angel Bryant actually think this is funny considering all that she knows about Dru?

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