I hate what you are doing. What you hate is the truth.

1. You have your platform to nourish your ego and narcissistic personality disorder……and to line your pockets off the backs of people with SUD and mental health issues. (The fact that your intelligence is limited is still no excuse.)

2. You have your platform to prey upon the most vulnerable by fishing for PPO’s on the daily so you can put their head in a bed for which ever rogue Treatment Center you’re currently working for.

3. You are NOT as transparent as you purport yourself to be. You are sorely lacking in morals, values, honesty and integrity. YOU STILL WILL NOT COME FORWARD AND REVEAL WHAT TREATMENT CENTER(S) YOU ARE MARKETING/BODY BROKERING FOR WHICH I FIND TO BE QUITE TELLING.

Dru Hicks you are an abomination to recovery.

It has become very obvious to me that your fans and followers are not exactly the brightest bulbs in the box. I have yet to see even one truly intelligent person or even a professional on your page.

Dru, I do NOT hate YOU as a fellow human being. However, you are just as dangerous today as you were when you were “running and gunning” on the streets, but you will never see the truth simply because you are a narcissist.

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