Harmony Ridge took my daughter to a Sober Living home after she had completed treatment. 2 Admission Coordinators with Harmony Ridge repeatedly reassured me that they vet-out all Sober Living homes that they send their clients to.

This is where they dropped her off.

Within two hours of her arrival my daughter called me crying to the point where she could hardly speak. She stated: “Mom, I can’t stay here. It’s like a trap house. It reeks of alcohol. My roommate told me she got high yesterday. Two girls I met at Harmony Ridge were sent here, too. They relapsed and hit the streets. No one knows what happened to them.”

Someone from Harmony Ridge came and got my daughter and took her to an Oxford Sober Living home in Clarksburg WV. Please see the video below.


Please take heed and think hard and long before you or a loved one goes to Harmony Ridge.*

*Staff violated HIPAA twice.

*Male clients made frequent trips to the female client’s cabins under the night sky.

*Male and female clients performed sexual acts while on a hike accompanied by a staff member who was none the wiser.

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