If you’ve been victimized by Tim Ryan it’s time for your voice to be heard!

Tim states that he is in “long term recovery”. I have NOT ONCE heard Tim Ryan speak about morals, values, or living by spiritual principles. I have NOT ONCE observed Tim Ryan demonstrate living with morals, values, or living by spiritual principles.

Tim attends the funerals of those who have died from an overdose. He has crushed the hearts of many, many mothers when he asked for donations for his non-profit “A Man in Recovery” while attending the funerals of their lost children and passing out his business cards.

Tim has a history of sleeping with multiple women when he’s traveling. FACT.

Tim began a romantic relationship with Jennifer Gimenez whilst still married to his second wife.

Tim is NOT paying the court ordered alimony to his second wife. Tim abused his second wife and she lives in fear of him to this day.

Tim has worked for Treatment Centers where he has bought clients their airline tickets with money from his non-profit to send them to the Treatment Center he is working for at that time. Conflict of interest? Unethical shenanigans? Would love to see Tim’s 990’s. When was the last time you paid your taxes?

From my own personal experience with Tim Ryan I know for a fact that he is a liar and a deceiver. He is a manipulator and a con. He has zero integrity. He has no idea what humility means. He has some very serious and violent anger issues. Tim Ryan couldn’t get any further away from living his life in recovery. He has evidenced many symptoms of being a narcissistic sociopath.

Tim and Jennifer will speak at schools, events, etc. for a meer 10K. So much for giving back what was so freely given to us.

Oh the company you keep.
Filthy marketers.
This is what “long term recovery” looks like to this “National Thought Leader”.
While still married to his second wife.
I’m so humble

This is what Tim’s 3rd wife’s recovery looks like.

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