DRU HICKS continues to refuse to tell us what Treatment Center he is currently marketing for. Furthermore Dru claims to be transparent. What kind of a Treatment Center would have this low-life immoral fraud working for them? Dru Hicks is a perfect example of the behaviors that only the rogue Treatment Center Industry would overlook and find acceptable. Why? Because Dru has big numbers. It’s all about the numbers. Don’t forget about the company he keeps. Pure filth through and through.

Angel Bryant’s upcoming event should be shut-down/banned for having a sexual predator speaking at it. The rest of the speakers are POS, too.

Let’s call a spade a spade.

Narcissism is not treatable.
This man’s ego is out of control.
He just CAN’T stay away from Social Media.
Surely his shit show can’t go on forever.
Dru: “Oh, and do you have a good PPO? Cause then I will feel extra close to you.”
Dru: “Look at me! Look at me now!
How do you like my shades?”
Yes, Dru is a known and proven on-line sexual predator. Yes. Boca Recovery Center and Profound Treatment Centers both fired him due to his egregious behaviors.

Please feel free to share this post. The truth about Dru Hicks needs to be known.

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