Taking a closer look at Joe Nester: Musician and Treatment Center Marketer

In this video Joe Nester makes little to no mention of his prison time as a convicted felon. Could it be because at that time Joe was working covertly as an “independent contractor” aka marketer/body broker for Chris Ferry at Boca Recovery Center?

The only references Joe makes to what Recovery has done for him is talking about his fame as a musician. He makes no mention of his role in the rogue Treatment Center Industry. It is a fact that two of the Treatment Centers he has worked for are under investigation and don’t ever believe he doesn’t know exactly what is occurring behind the scenes.

It is apparent that Joe is far less interested in living by spiritual principles, values, or moral fortitude. Ego and money are driving that train. It’s anyone’s guess where that train is headed.

It is most unfortunate that Angel Bryant didn’t do her due diligence, and homework, before lining up these bottom-feeding low life’s of the rogue Treatment Center Industry.
Ego and fame is the gas that fuels each one of these profiteers who call themselves “Recovery Advocates”.
They also refer to themselves as Ambassadors and Outreach Coordinators. Their most recent and cunning ploy, as can easily be identified on their pages, is identifying themselves as an Addiction Resource Center.
Ever the manipulating, lying, deceiving, con artists that they were on the streets. The ONLY difference is they have cloaked themselves in Recovery sheep’s clothing. Their street life skills were well-honed for far many more years than their time in recovery. Once a narcissist always a narcissist.
Once a sociopath always a sociopath.

Since working in the Treatment Center Industry Joe has honed his story for marketing purposes. He is NOT transparent. Joe has many secrets. He certainly isn’t going to tell you about his sexual escapades while on his many tours with a bunch of Star-Struck females and strippers while the mother of his children keeps the fires burning at home.
Yes, Joe, we are as sick as our secrets.

Do you remember when Joe did a GoFundMe so he could pay for Attorney fees for the lawsuit with Bobble, all the while buying a new car and house?

Joe Nester: “I was facing life in prison awhile ago…”

In closing, beware Joe Nester. He is not who he wants you to believe he his.

Here’s looking at you, Joe.

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