DRU HICKS The Guru of Recovery

Unfortunately I cannot post the actual video as Dru has blocked me

These are my thoughts as I watched this video:

1. It took you over 2 years to admit that you are a sexual predator. If I hadn’t called your ass out on Social Media for 2 years I question if you would have ever come clean.

2. I told Dru months and months ago to stop telling everyone (individually) on his lives: “I love you.” Looks like someone got through to him on that one finally.

3. Still telling his followers to: “Share this video to groups, friends, and family for some inspiration”.

4. He says he went “a LITTLE sideways”. Sexually preying on women new in recovery is “a HUGE sideways” and should not be minimized in any manner.

5. Dru admitted that he has used his “platform” to sexually prey on women. Dru, may I inquire as to exactly what you’re using your platform for now? It’s quite obvious to me that you are using your platform to feed your putrid ego.

6. Dru is still using his platform to seek PPO’s. And he STILL hasn’t told us what treatment center he is marketing for. Yet he talked about being transparent and “how important honesty is” as he merrily preached away as if he is some kind of guru of recovery.

7. Dru still hasn’t made any apologies or amends. What does that tell you?

8. Dru proclaimed that he is “never going to relapse”. Yet he continues to lie about how much clean and sober time he has.

It appears to me that this narcissistic sociopath has no idea how very sick he is, and likely never will. In closing, I contend that Dru Hicks is a dangerous man.


  1. Drew knows my sister.. I Reached out to him through face concerning her drug use. He Completely ignored me. I later found out.. He was doing meth with her.. I deleted him from fb.. I unfollowed his false uplifting page.. He is pure trash!!

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  2. As an addict in recovery I can tell you it’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. It takes hard work and a LOT of courage. This man sickens me. He goes against every principle of what NA/AA is truly about!!! He was supposed to help these young women….after what he’s done the chances of them trusting others enough to seek treatment again are slim to none. That’s just despicable. And unacceptable.

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment C.F. I am in full agreement with you. What Dru Hicks is doing is unacceptable and it is despicable. Until Dru seriously addresses his narcissism (with a psychologist and very long-term therapy) and his EGO, he will not be able to get his sick ass off Social Media and the destruction will continue. When I spoke with Dru he asked what my qualifications, credentials, and experience I have. He seemed a bit surprised.
      I was straight-forward with him. As our conversation closed I told him that I have tremendous compassion for him, too. As long as Dru does lives on Social Media I will continue to bring awareness regarding the truth about Dru Hicks.


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